FTM-400XDR vs FTM-400XDH


New member
Jun 15, 2020
Just noticed that the FTM-400XDH (I'm assuming the American model) is selling for a lot more in America than we can buy the equivalent for here in Australia. (FTM-400XDR).

Just wondering if there are any differences between the two as it's abnormal for us Aussies to get a cheaper price than the states, let alone a similar price - it seems to be a bit backwards at the moment.

Or maybe it's just high demand in the states at the moment with people buying HAM gear with all the riots going on?

I also noticed that Yaesu are re-manufacturing the FT-857D - but at $1,800 now - for an old radio. Guess that shows what sort of demand there is for a good all-in one. Can't believe that I bought mine for nearly half price brand new! Not sure if that's AUD, or the increased price in starting manufacturing of an old design again.

Either way - does anyone know what the difference (if any) is between XDR is different to the XDH?