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    UHF CB Repeater Map/List

    Nice work (y)
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    What do you look for in a 2m/70cm UHF/VHF Mobile Antenna

    Obviously size is the one you need to watch out for. But also application. This can ultimately determine how "rugged" it needs to be. Are you 4wding / dirt roads? It'll have to be more rugged. If just a daily commuter on road, then you don't need the ruggedness. As a good all rounder, I am a...
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    Hi Everyone

    Cheers mate, Hopefully content will start to build soon. Wonder if we can get some of the old shit back? I'm me, just a pleb from the Riverina in NSW. Radio geek, also into Digital Voice. DSTAR, DMR, P25 mainly. Also monitoring many things from voice to ADS-B and Satellites, whatever piques my...