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  1. dctodaylight

    Hi :)

    Hi fr0gau, welcome to the forum, it's lovely to have you with us :) Very keen to hear the results of your new setup. Let us know if you need any help - we would be happy to assist. Happy scanning!
  2. dctodaylight

    UHF CB Repeater Map/List

    Hi All, For your reference, I have assembled a UHF CB repeater map which is available at - it shows all currently licensed UHF CB repeaters which have an associated site. A searchable list of UHF CB repeaters is also available at...
  3. dctodaylight

    2020 - Recommend UHF / Best UHF?

    Hey OnAir, I suppose it depends what you're looking for in a UHF CB. GME have a pretty good looking UHF CB with Bluetooth CAT and some pretty weighty analog scanning features as well as the speakermic control head similar to your UH7760NB...
  4. dctodaylight

    Old site - new forum

    Hey OnAir, Fantastic to have you with us. I'm also hoping that we see some growth - I've noticed a few new posts in the past few days, so things are looking bright :) -dc2dl
  5. dctodaylight

    Re old Aurfscan

    Hey Cartman, Thanks for joining us! It's lovely to have you around. We are in no way affiliated with the old aurfscan webmasters - we simply saw the domain available for registration about a year ago and thought it was a travesty that such a large community disappeared overnight - so we...
  6. dctodaylight

    Hi Everyone

    Hey Everyone, I've noticed an influx of new members on the site today, so it is remiss of me not to introduce myself! I'm dctodaylight, the forum administrator. I live in Brisbane, Australia and have a passion for all things radio and RF, with a particular focus on digital voice, microwave and...