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    Portable Radio Scanning Go Kit

    Recently I have been looking at change / improving my “Portable Radio Scanning Go Kit”. Until now I have used a few different cases and bags, some have worked really well, others have not been as great. What I enjoy is the challenge of trying different options, the experience I get from this...
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    VM Resources Increased

    Thanks for the info on "behind the scences".
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    What Equipment Do You Use

    Awesome post and a very interesting setup...
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    What Equipment Do You Use

    I use an Icom R6 and am looking for some other handhelds at the moment.
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    Hi All
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    Hi All

    Hi all. It is great to be on here. I am a long time scanner user, now focusing on the analytical side of the hobby, hunting down new users and logging interesting traffic. I have just started a new blog for this, I am still uploading some content. Paul